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Environmental Assessments

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Alabaster Environmental is an environmental consulting and service company located within the Houston Texas area. However, we've done environmental assessments and risk assessments all over the World!
In fact many hundreds of them. We offer environmental site assessments, risk assessments, transaction screens, and contingency plans, spill prevention and environmental maintenance consulting, soil and water testing, bioremediation consulting, tank closure and installation and remediation for commercial, industrial, and developed or undeveloped real estate.

Our Bioremediation and Environmental or Microbial Cleaning Products have been used for pollution control and remediation in The Panama Canal and to wash The Bridge of the Americas. They have been used for oil spills and bioremediation in the drilling fields of Mexico and Russia as well as emergency spill response on shores of Trinidad and Tobago. Our green products have cleaned up environmental pollution after tragic disasters and prevented hazardous spills and dangerous fires and explosions. They have been injected into mountains and washed the decks of ships and offshore oil rigs. From steamy jungles to the frozen arctic, from deserts to the seas… "Our Solutions Prevent Pollution!"

We Want To Get Your Real Estate Deal Done!

We've saved developers and real estate investors millions of dollars over the years. We've helped them secure loans and minimized their liability. We advise brokers, bankers, investors and developers daily. It's what we do.

We want to help you get your deal done! We want to minimize your liability and risk! We want to clean our environment! We'll show you how to be an environmentally friendly, responsible and conscientious business person. AND we will make the process as cost effective as possible.

Alabaster Environmental Bioremediation Company Is Qualified!

Alabaster Corp. Bioremediation, Emergency Response and Microbial Cleaning Products have been used in thousands of very successful environmental bioremediation projects including uncountable first response and emergency response applications, UST and LPST storage tank cleaning and remediation projects, soil pollution remediation, water pollution remediation, ocean pollution, industrial cleaning, various commercial and military applications. Our bioremediation and emergency response products and cleaning solutions have been tested, used effectively and approved for use on some level by nearly every major petroleum related company in the U.S. for environmental services.

Alabaster Environmental Has The Experience!

Our company has been doing this for years and we have the experience! We understand your interests as a banker, a broker a buyer or a seller. We understand your perspective as a developer or an investor in commercial real estate. We've been the broker, landlord and the tenant. We've owned investment real estate, commercial and residential real estate. We understand the deal! We've personally owned machine shops, chroming shops, industrial contracting companies, farms, ranches and kennels, commercial and residential properties, industrial sand blasting, painting, insulating, and marine coating companies, heavy construction, residential construction, asbestos inspection and abatement, mold inspection and removal, environmental testing and consulting, tank installation and removal, chemical production and bioremediation companies.

Environmental Site Assessment.gif

We Know How To Deal With Your Environmental Issues!

A real estate loan requires a phase 1 environmental assessment or a transaction screen at least to identify any potential environmental risk. These site assessments and environmental reports are usually divided into three (3) separate phases or types of work:

Phase I: Typically a phase 1 is a qualitative investigation and report. Visual observations and property history are researched. In addition various regulatory records and databases are reviewed. The object is to determine the reasonable probability of environmental risks. Usually no testing or sampling is performed during a phase 1 environmental assessment. However, sometimes a Phase 1 risk assessment report will include some minor soil sampling and testing as a precautionary measure. This does not necessarily qualify the report as a Phase 2 environmental assessment.

Phase II: A phase 2 is a quantitative investigation and report. Sampling of materials suspected of contamination are analyzed and characterized. The object of this environmental assessment is to estimate or determine as much as reasonable the extent of any environmental contamination present at a commercial real estate site.

Phase III: A phase 3 remediation and environmental management project including any Phase 1 and Phase 2 report and environmental site assessment records. The results of a Phase 1 and Phase 2 are studied to formulate an appropriate and reasonable solution for an environmental problem. The remediation or bioremediation project is planned and estimated in terms of time, costs, and objectives. Alabaster Environmental and Bioremediation Consulting is very experienced with environmental remediation and bioremediation projects. We are proud to assist our clients with their commercial real estate and environmental risk assessment needs.

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Alabaster Bioremediation Corp.
Is An Approved Environmental Vendor
For Most Major Banks!


Alabaster Corp. has at least $2,000,000.00 on our products and services as part of a larger commercial liability policy. Our Licensing with the TCEQ (Formerly TNRCC) requires for proof of commercial liability insurance in an amount of not less than $1,000,000. for UST Contractor and our Corrective Action Specialist license registration.

Due Diligence

An Environmental Site Assessment, Phase 1, Phase 2 or Phase 3 risk assessment or environmental transaction screen will help provide for Due Diligence protection. This is an important and customary part of any commercial real estate loan process. Due Diligence is the term used in the "Innocent Landowner Defense." This protects the purchaser or lender from liability in the discovery of pre-existing environmental threats. The environmental site or risk assessment must include "all appropriate inquiry into the previous ownership and uses of the property consistent with good commercial and customary practice." 42 USC § 9601(35)(B).

Certificates and Licenses

Alabaster Corp. is licensed or certified to provided the following:

· Underground Storage Tank Projects.
· TCEQ (Formerly TNRCC) UST Contractor.
· TCEQ (Formerly TNRCC) Corrective Action Specialist.
· TCEQ (Formerly TNRCC) Corrective Action Project Manager.
· Phase 1 ESA. Environmental Due Diligence Assessment Reports.
· Phase 2 ESA. Environmental Sampling and Analysis.
· Phase 3 ESA. Environmental Remediation of Soil and Water.

 Environmental Site Assessment 2.gif

Alabaster Corporation is honored to offer the following Bioremediation, Emergency Response, Oil Spill and Environmental Cleaning Products and Environmental Services:

• Bioremediation and Environmental Pollution Cleaning Products.
• Custom Blended Microbial Cleaning Products for Bioremediation.
• Emergency Response and First Response Cleaning Products.
• Petro Clean™ Emergency Response Solution.
• Fuel Spill or Oil Spill Cleanup Products for Spill Response.
• Ocean Pollution, Oil Spill Containment and Dispersant Cleaning Products.
• Environmental Products for reducing Volatile Organic Compounds.
• Remediation Products for Soil Contamination, Water Contamination.
• Wastewater Plant and Water Pollution Remediation Products.
• Grease Trap and Septic Tank Cleaning Products.
• Industrial Cleaning, Tank Cleaning Remediation and Degassing Products.
• Oil Spill Response Products for Firefighting and Fire Prevention.
• UST, PST Environmental Remediation and Pollution Removal.
• UST Contractor Environmental Services and Environmental Consultants.
• Corrective Action Specialist Environmental Services.
• Corrective Action Project Manager Environmental Services.
• Phase I ESA. Environmental Services and Environmental Consultants.
• Phase II ESA. Contamination Testing Environmental Services.
• Phase III ESA. Site Contamination and Remediation Environmental Services.
• Regulatory Research and Voluntary Cleanup Program.
• Oil Spill Contingency Planning, Spill Control and Spill Containment.
• Environmental Consultants, Environmental Services and Expert Witness.
• Alabaster Corp. is an Approved Vendor for most major banks and refineries!

713-724-9226 or 1-800-609-2728


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