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Grease Trap and Commercial Use

Alabaster Corp. strives to put operating control back into the hands our customers by offering a full line of environmental products for the treatment of grease traps and other commercial applications. Our bioremediation products have the highest success rate in the industry. Our bioremediation system for grease traps utilizes special proprietary chemical and microbial solutions to break down grease and bioremediate environmental pollution and waste products.

Most grease traps are currently being treated by expensive regular pumping which has the additional costs of sewer maintenance due to plugged sewers. Now there is a better way! By treating grease traps with Alabaster Corp. bioremediation products odors, frequency of pumping, and sewer maintenance are significantly reduced.

Alabaster Microbial Products are the Solution to your Pollution. Our microbial products for grease trap and commercial use contain specialized bioremediation microbes designed for this purpose. In addition, our products contain microbial spores, enzymes, odor control agents, essential bioremediation promoting ingredients and biodegradable, environmentally friendly chemicals which break down the grease and oils.

This system has been extensively tested by the U.S. military as well as some of the nations leading restaurant chains. Designed for cost savings and convenience our products have provided impressive cost reductions due to a reduction in pumping and maintenance costs. In one case, pumping cost were reduced by over $8,000. per year at a U.S. military galley installation. In addition to these savings our products virtually eliminate the foul odors and unsightly mess so common with grease traps.

As you know, the grease trap is intended is to prevent liquefied waste grease and oil from entering the municipal waste treatment facility and they are indispensable to the waste disposal and food processing industry. They also provide benefit to municipal water treatment facilities by reducing the biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS), total parts hydrocarbon (TPH) and oil and grease (O&G) entering the treatment facility. Restaurants, food processing plants, schools, etc., are all required to have grease traps through out the nation.

If grease traps are not properly maintained grease will solidify down stream, causing restrictions in sewer lines and lift stations. This environmental pollution leads to foul odors, backed up sewer lines and expensive repairs. The grease trap basically consists of a group of baffles and weirs, which trap the grease in compartments. Since greases and oils are lighter than water they float and are trapped in the baffles.

As you can see from the diagram the lighter oils and greases are trapped by the baffles while the water flows out under the current. The next baffle captures the remaining oils and greases with only the waste liquids entering the sewer system. The black materials shown at the bottom of the grease trap are the water pollution materials heavier than water. Over a period of time the grease builds up and if not removed the grease will begin to escape the trap. This can result in plugged sewer lines, foul odors, and an excess load on the waste treatment facility.

When Alabaster Corp. bioremediation products are added to a grease trap they immediately begin to break down grease. The microbes are assisted by the enzymes and other ingredients in the bioremediation process. Unlike using enzyme products alone, which only partially break down the grease, Alabaster Corp. products begin to completely consume the water pollution reducing it to harmless, non-offensive carbon dioxide, water and degradable fatty acids. This lowers the BOD (biological oxygen demand), COD (chemical oxygen demand), TSS (total suspended solids) and the O&G (oil and grease) entering into the sewage system. This means less pumping costs, odor elimination and reduced sewer line maintenance. In most applications, the reduction in sewer maintenance costs and pumping requirements alone will pay for a full year of our product within 3 to 6 months.

Alabaster Corp.'s system is simple to use and requires little attention. The product is applied automatically by use of a timed pump during to least active part of the day. Once a month the product is refilled. Alabaster Microbial Products contain 86 different strains of bioremediation microbes at a concentration of approximately 200 billion microbes per gallon. Alabaster Corp. quality control ensures our customers of plenty of viable bioremediation microbes in a quality product that will insure bioremediation of organic and hydrocarbon contaminants.

We recommend Alabaster Corp. BCCB and BGB Bioremediation Commercial Microbial Cleaners with Liquid Microbes Included. This is a concentrated version primarily for the U.S. Government! Now commercially available. This product was designed for and is used by the U.S. Navy and is currently being used for grease traps, drains, galleys, and restaurants throughout the world. Our Industrial Class Bioremediation Microbial Blends are extremely concentrated. This product has the highest concentration of microbes available per gallon on the market! This product was issued a standing U.S. Navy B.P.A. or Blanket Purchase Authorization.


Alabaster Corporation is honored to offer the following Bioremediation, Emergency Response, Oil Spill and Environmental Cleaning Products and Environmental Services:

• Bioremediation and Environmental Pollution Cleaning Products.
• Custom Blended Microbial Cleaning Products for Bioremediation.
• Emergency Response and First Response Cleaning Products.
• Petro Clean™ Emergency Response Solution.
• Fuel Spill or Oil Spill Cleanup Products for Spill Response.
• Ocean Pollution, Oil Spill Containment and Dispersant Cleaning Products.
• Environmental Products for reducing Volatile Organic Compounds.
• Remediation Products for Soil Contamination, Water Contamination.
• Wastewater Plant and Water Pollution Remediation Products.
• Grease Trap and Septic Tank Cleaning Products.
• Industrial Cleaning, Tank Cleaning Remediation and Degassing Products.
• Oil Spill Response Products for Firefighting and Fire Prevention.
• UST, PST Environmental Remediation and Pollution Removal.
• UST Contractor Environmental Services and Environmental Consultants.
• Corrective Action Specialist Environmental Services.
• Corrective Action Project Manager Environmental Services.
• Phase I ESA. Environmental Services and Environmental Consultants.
• Phase II ESA. Contamination Testing Environmental Services.
• Phase III ESA. Site Contamination and Remediation Environmental Services.
• Regulatory Research and Voluntary Cleanup Program.
• Oil Spill Contingency Planning, Spill Control and Spill Containment.
• Environmental Consultants, Environmental Services and Expert Witness.
• Alabaster Corp. is an Approved Vendor for most major banks and refineries!

713-724-9226 or 1-800-609-2728


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