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Wastewater Plant Applications

Today’s waste water pollution is a challenge for most bacteria to break down to acceptable discharge limits. Foul odors and buildup from hydrocarbons, fats, oils, and greases, etc. can build up on clarifiers in wastewater treatment plants. This battle with water pollution is an ongoing, expensive, and time-consuming problem for waste water plant operators. There is always the persistent risk die off in wastewater treatment plants from hydrocarbon slugs that enter the plant from discharge into the sewer.

Alabaster Microbial Bioremediation Products for Waste Water are blended for waste water and water pollution. They have been successfully used to clean Gasoline, Diesel, Crude Oils, Creosote, PCP, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Fats, Grease, Glycols, PNA, Phenols, Benzene and Benzene Compounds (BTEX), Sulphur Containing Compounds, Solvents, Amines, MTBE, Acetone and Paint Sludge, Pipeline Condensation, DMF (dimethylformanide), Polyurethane Resin Wastes, AN (acrylonitrile), and other complex organic compounds.

Alabaster Microbial Bioremediation Products for Waste Water can generate the proper quantity and type of biomass required for effective waste water pollution reduction. They are blended and designed to make good systems operate better and significantly improve conditions in poorly operating waste water systems.

Alabaster Microbial Bioremediation Products for Waste Water are designed to provide rapid recovery as well as system stability. They also create less sludge volume with a higher quality biosolids application. Alabaster Microbial Waste Water Products will also work on difficult detergents, fats, oils, greases and cellulose.

Alabaster Microbial Bioremediation Products for Waste Water contain 86 different strains of microbes at a concentration of approximately 200 billion microbes per gallon. Alabaster quality control ensures our customers of plenty of viable microbes in a quality product that will insure bioremediation of organic and hydrocarbon contaminants.


Bioremediation Microbial Waste Water Pollution1.gif

Using Alabaster Microbial Products in Wastewater and Water Pollution Applications:

Will Reduce Odors At The Origin Drawing Less Attention.
Eliminates Negative Effects of Hydrocarbon Water Pollution Slugs.
Reduce Waste Water Plant Maintenance Costs on Lines.
Eliminate VOCs in Sludge.
Reduce Caustic Cleaner Usage Throughout The Waste Water System.
Minimizes Accumulated Greases in Pumping System.
Create A More Efficient Waste Digester Operation.
Dissipate and Reduce Scum and Sludge Buildup.

Alabaster Microbial Products Are The World’s Best Bioremediation Materials!


Bioremediation Microbial Waste Water Pollution2.gif

Alabaster Corporation is honored to offer the following Bioremediation, Emergency Response, Oil Spill and Environmental Cleaning Products and Environmental Services:

• Bioremediation and Environmental Pollution Cleaning Products.
• Custom Blended Microbial Cleaning Products for Bioremediation.
• Emergency Response and First Response Cleaning Products.
• Petro Clean™ Emergency Response Solution.
• Fuel Spill or Oil Spill Cleanup Products for Spill Response.
• Ocean Pollution, Oil Spill Containment and Dispersant Cleaning Products.
• Environmental Products for reducing Volatile Organic Compounds.
• Remediation Products for Soil Contamination, Water Contamination.
• Wastewater Plant and Water Pollution Remediation Products.
• Grease Trap and Septic Tank Cleaning Products.
• Industrial Cleaning, Tank Cleaning Remediation and Degassing Products.
• Oil Spill Response Products for Firefighting and Fire Prevention.
• UST, PST Environmental Remediation and Pollution Removal.
• UST Contractor Environmental Services and Environmental Consultants.
• Corrective Action Specialist Environmental Services.
• Corrective Action Project Manager Environmental Services.
• Phase I ESA. Environmental Services and Environmental Consultants.
• Phase II ESA. Contamination Testing Environmental Services.
• Phase III ESA. Site Contamination and Remediation Environmental Services.
• Regulatory Research and Voluntary Cleanup Program.
• Oil Spill Contingency Planning, Spill Control and Spill Containment.
• Environmental Consultants, Environmental Services and Expert Witness.
• Alabaster Corp. is an Approved Vendor for most major banks and refineries!

713-724-9226 or 1-800-609-2728


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