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SEA BRAT is a powerful Emergency Response Dispersant! For the Dispersion and Clean Up of Ocean Oil Spills and Water Pollution. Applied to any Hydrocarbon Fuel Spill or Oil Spill it will Disperse the Spill on Contact! It's that simple. This product will disperse hydrocarbons in the extreme providing for or to the point of more rapid biodegradation. SEA BRAT was designed specifically for use as an environmentally friendly oil spill dispersant for ocean pollution and water pollution.

SEA BRAT was designed as a environmentally friendly alternative to the more hazardous dispersant products currently available for use on oil spills and water pollution. SEA BRAT has very powerful penetrating and solvent like abilities. However, it is biodegradable and is effective when used with other oil spill response chemical or microbial products. SEA BRAT is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-pathogenic, and will not harm but help wild life during a emergency response rescue.

SEA BRAT is the answer for your ocean oil spill environmental pollution. Although SEA BRAT is non a bioremediation product SEA BRAT is Extremely Effective if used with any microbial or bioremediation products for emergency response or ocean, water environmental pollution.

According to the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) and the U.S. National Contingency Plan (NCP), The U.S. EPA is the head federal emergency response agency for oil spills occurring in inland waters. Oil Spills and water pollution in the coastal waters and in deepwater ports are the responsibility of the USCG. The U.S. EPA defines a spill or "discharge" of oil as any discharge (other than natural seepage) of oil, which is intentional or unintentional. The definition of a discharge includes, but is not limited to, spilling, leaking, pumping, pouring, emitting, emptying, or dumping.

Listed EPA National Contingency List under the requirements contained in Title 40, of the CFR section 300.915. This subpart applies to the navigable waters of the United States and adjoining shorelines, the waters of the contiguous zone, and the high seas beyond the contiguous zone in connection with activities under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, activities under the Deepwater Port Act of 1974 or activities that may affect natural resources belonging to, appertaining to or under the exclusive management authority of the United States, including resources under the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976.

SEA-BRAT #4 is on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's NCP Product Schedule. This listing does NOT mean that EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies, or authorizes the use of SEA-BRAT #4 on an oil discharge. This listing means only that data have been submitted to EPA as required by subpart J of the National Contingency Plan, Sec. 300.915.

SEA-BRAT APPLICATION: SEA-BRAT is a very effective oil spill dispersant and emulsifier designed to disperse oil and fuel spills on water. It will also encapsulate the hydrocarbon in an emulsion to enable efficient in-situ bioremediation of the fuel or oil when the product is used in concert with our microbial bioremediation blend. The product is very easy to use and is non-hazardous to humans.

Typically for oil or fuel spill dispersion applications SEA BRAT is diluted with water in the following ratios:

For a heavy crude oil spill use a approximate 5 to 1 ratio. 1 part SEA BRAT concentrate with 4 parts water.
This is a strong mix. If you are adding microbes, 1 lbs. bugs per 1 gallon of SEA BRAT concentrate is a lot of bugs.
1 lbs. bugs per 5 gallons of SEA BRAT concentrate is good for ocean spills.
Estimate the size or volume of the spill. Use about 20% of the total fuel spill in SEA BRAT.
For Example: a 1000 gallon spill use 200 gallons of SEA BRAT concentrate and 800 gallons of water.
40 lbs. of blend ABB microbes would be wise.

For a light fuel spill (gasoline, diesel, etc.) use a approximate 10 to 1 ratio. I part SEA BRAT with 9 parts water.
This is a strong mix. If you are adding microbes, 1 lbs. per 1 gallon of Sea Brat concentrate is a lot of bugs.
1 lbs. bugs per 5 gallons of SEA BRAT concentrate is good for ocean spills.
Estimate the size or volume of the spill. Use about 10% of the total fuel spill in SEA BRAT.
For Example: a 1000 gallon spill use 100 gallons of SEA BRAT concentrate and 900 gallons of water.
40 lbs. of blend ABB microbes would be wise.

Keep in mind that 1 gallon of Sea-BRAT concentrate will actually yield more dispersant than these amounts. But we want effectiveness! Mix the microbes into the product well prior to application. Then spray SEA BRAT onto the surface of the oil or fuel slick with conventional spraying equipment. The hydrocarbons in the slick will be remediated by the microbe blend within 30-90 days depending on ambient conditions and the initial concentrations of hydrocarbon.

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713-724-9226 or 1-800-609-2728


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• Alabaster Corp. is an Approved Vendor for most major banks and refineries!

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